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Project-Based Learning

Bringing theory to life while closely mirroring problem solving required in science, engineering careers

Watch the 2022 Student Design Expo Recap
Documentary - Yaay ak Doom project (Part I)
Documentary - Yaay ak Doom project (Part II)
Machine Learning based Fish Classification using Underwater Drone; Click Here to download poster presentation
Seagrass Conservation using underwater drones.
DAUST 3rd Year Students work to transform craftmanship 
Seagrass Conservation using underwater drones
DAUST 5th Year Students, Fapathé Fall and Mouhamadou Samy Diop, take us through the Engineering Design Process of a Smart Secured Padlock 
Click Here to download poster presentation
Biomimetics - Learning from the Namib Desert Beetle.
First Year Student Project : Passive Water Collection.
INVITÉ TECH, Jan 22 2022 - Student NDEYE ARAME BOUSSO speaks to RFM
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